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If you love walking and easy scrambling, hiking through Wadi Rum landscapes is for sure the best way to discover and fully enjoy the unique beauty of our desert!

So many things, that you can’t see from a car, become visible: details of the shaped coloured rocks, flowers, plants and bushes, and all these tracks in the sand…From birds and lizards tiny drawings to the wide camel footprint, the sand becomes a book to the one who knows how to read it !
Your Bedouin guide will lead you in those discoveries and will teach you how to recognize medicinal herbs...


A hiker being slower than a car, our trekking itineraries start from 2 days, better 3 days or more!

Genuine hiking consists in being with two Bedouins guides. One walking with you, while the other one carry the luggage in the jeep, meets you at the end of the hikes and cooks wonderful traditional Bedouin meals on wood fire!


Those two English speaker Bedouins guides are working together, knowing where to meet, and that’s why hiking costs a little more. But if you love to hike in wild and remoted places, it’s worth it!


Because we want to offer to our visitors the most amazing and diversified experience, nights will always be spent in different places, along the itinerary. (If you look well, you will notice that most hiking programs offered in Wadi Rum mention all nights in the same camp). 


People often ask: how many hours a day shall we walk? Well, this is entirely your choice!
Average being around 3 hours per half day, but you can choose to walk only 4 hours a day, as well as 8 hours!

The walking rhythm is also up to you: we make breaks as you wish, to enjoy a view, to drink, to take photos…

Actually, each day you can tell the guide what you’re up to.We are totally flexible.

HIKING Program

We will not describe here in details itineraries day by day: there are too many possibilities, and they depend on season, weather, and also on your hiking level.

But we want to give you a general idea, to help you deciding how many days for your stay in Wadi Rum, when planning your holidays.

1 or 2 days hike

Even if one day is not a good duration for a hiking trip, if you don’t have other choice, we can offer it to you.


Two days is short also, but allows you seeing a little more.

During a 2 day hike, you will walk through the most well-known parts of the desert, such as Um Ushrin, Siq al-Barra,M’Zelgue, the little mushroom, Burdah, Um Fruth, Um M’gour, Rashrash..

These are spots listed in all the guidebooks, and also by everyone here.
But we offer you more!

Part of the hike will be in the large valleys, but you will also cross some rocky mountains, along narrow and wild canyons, or up to tops offering incredible views...These are our secret ways, where you see no one, even in the heart of the high season!

3 or 4 days hike

These are much appropriate durations for a great hike in Wadi Rum.


We begin in these central parts described above, and continue towards the sumptuous mountains of the Southern Wadi Rum.
Speaking of South, you can often read about the “white desert”.
We will take you to places further South, such as Nughra, wadi Sabet, Dhadha, Um Ratha, El Geder..
All gorgeous jebels, wadis, sand dunes, some of them being so close to the Saudi border that you can see Saudi mountains from some heights!

5 days or more

Of course this is the best choice!

A real immersion in Wadi Rum, while you will feel the true desert life, long enough to adopt the rhythm of walk and rest times, until it seems completely natural to you, as if you’ve always lived there..


Without canceling any part of the itinerary, we can add to the previous schemes many different hikes or scrambles, some famous summits ascensions (such as Burdah Arch, le jebel Hash, or further far south east the jebel Um e’ddami). Close to the place our families choose to settle during the winter there is also M’rassel, a vast mountain, easy to climb, which offer an absolutely astonishing view on the red and with rocks.


All scrambles can be done during any hiking program.
Just ask for them!

Prices are per person and per day (night included)

All included:
– the 2 Bedouins guides
– the jeep tour, the walks / hikes
– all meals cooked on fire
– mineral water, tea

– sleeping equipment: comfortable mattresses, warm blankets

We can sometimes ask you to join a group of 2 or 3 people. If you are alone or two and refuse to join a group, we will ask you a small supplement.

Free for kids under 5 years old.

Discount for kids between 5 to 11 years old.

From 5 days and more, discount is possible


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