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Spending a whole day in a jeep isn’t fun! That’s why we offer you the possibility to alternate jeep rides and walking, depending of your wishes. You like to hike a lot or just small walks? Our Bedouins guides are here to help you to live your perfect experience of Wadi Rum. Crossing canyons, easy scrambling, walk up to easy summits… They know places for all the levels and with the best views.

First option: one Bedouin guide

suits people who prefer short walks and more jeep rides.

The jeep is driven by an English speaker Bedouin guide who also cook the meals and share with you his knowledge of the desert. When its walks time, he drops you at some point and explains you how to reach another point, where he will be waiting you with the car.
You walk then by yourselves, until you reach the jeep at the meeting point.
You can cross a few easy canyons by this way, the Bedouin guide with the jeep waiting you at the exit.

Second option: two Bedouins guides

for those who enjoy longer hikes and easy scrambling.

One guide will drive and cook, and the other one will guide the hikes.

This allows you to hike and scramble (on an easy level) along much more interesting and beautiful ways, quite hard to find alone, and without having to return to the jeep.

Our favourite hikes mainly consist in crossing the rocky mountains along narrow and wild canyons, or up to tops offering incredible panoramas of Wadi Rum! These hikes are gorgeous and unknown from everyone here. Even in high season, we cross nobody there!

The hiking Bedouin guide leads you along the rocks, through the mountains, while the other Bedouin brings the jeep and waits you on the other side.

Then it’s up to you: ride the car or continue walking!

To experience the desert we recommend our visitors to stay at least two days and two nights. This is the time needed to feel comfortable and close to the nature. Of course if it’s not possible for you we can manage a one day-one night tour.


Here is the program that is likely to be modified according to the weather and your desires.


1st day program:


  • We will begin our morning by heading from Rum Village in a 4×4 to Khazali canyon which contains Thamudic, Nabataean and Arabic carvings which date thousands of years.

  • We will continue by jeep to the red sand dune, a fun dune to climb and to play around.

  • Next we will head to see the Anfashieh inscriptions, also dating back to at least two thousand years.

  • Then, we will visit Barrah canyon, a magnificent canyon to stroll through with its rich plant life sandwiched between golden rocky cliffs and paved with red sand.


This is where we will stop for lunch and tea made on a campfire.


  • After the lunch, we will go to jebel Burdah Rock Bridge, to see the highest natural arch in Wadi Rum. Next, we will hike through Abu Rasheba canyon. Our final stop will be Um Fruth Rock Bridge, where you can climb on the top in less than 5 minutes. From there we will head to watch the sunset, on the top of a sand dune, a small rock or even a small mountain, with an astonishing landscape!


Then we will head off to the place your guide choose for the night bivouac. In general we like to install our camps under a “roof” of rock because the rock, filed with sun during the day, will give us a nice heat and protect us from the wind. Between the rock and the fire, we enjoy the wonderful sky, full of stars. All our visitors agree: Never in their lives they have seen such an amazing sky and those nights under the stars are one of the best memories they keep from their stay in Jordan. If the temperatures are exceptionally cold, we spend the night in a traditional Bedouin tent and it’s also possible to share an evening and a night with our families still living in the desert.

We will spend the evening together around the fire, on which the dinner is cooked, in the Bedouin way, simple and traditional. Talking, sharing about our cultures, singing, telling Bedouin tales and poems, music if your guide plays Oud or Rababa. It’s also possible to walk under the stars or the full moon at night, you will taste the real Bedouin desert life!


The next morning after the breakfast, we take back everything from the bivouac, nothing stays behind us. We take the road to the village or, if you book for 2days or more, we will drive to the South, close to the border with Saudi Arabia to discover unknown amazing places…..


2nd day program:

The second day we will take you to the southern areas of Wadi Rum, such as Jebel Hash, Nughra, Um Ratha (on summer longer days).., all are fantastic places, with shepherd paths leading to astonishing views !

Staying in the desert for the second overnight is a good choice, you will feel more comfortable and be now use to sleep under the amazing sky full of stars… Of course, every day the places to sleep are differents.

It’s also possible to spend one night or more with a Bedouin family living in the desert. Those authentic Bedouin will welcome you with pleasure and will be happy to share with you their daily traditional life.

3 days or more: perfect for trekkers!

3 or 4, 5… days allow you to get a real knowledge of the desert.

More spots of course, and southern areas, but also more canyons, more views from mountain tops, and more time for walks and scrambling… we can also reach the very southern mountains, close to the Saudi Arabia border! If you like to take your time to feel the desert, understand the authentic Bedouin life and discover Wadi Rum by walk, we advise you to stay at least 3days.

Prices are per person and per day (night included)

All included:
– the 1 or 2 Bedouins guides

– the jeep tour, the walks / hikes

– all meals cooked on fire

– mineral water, tea

– sleeping equipment: comfortable mattresses, warm blankets

We can sometimes ask you to join a group of 2 or 3 people. If you are alone or two and refuse to join a group, we will ask you a small supplement.

Free for kids under 5 years old.

Discount for kids between 5 to 11 years old.

From 5 days and more, discount is possible


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