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Sleeping outside

We respect Nature and never build anything in desert (contrary to most other organism which build camps in the protected desert of Wadi Rum, destroying the landscape). As the Bedouin tradition has it, our camps are only itinerant and, once we leave to discover the desert after sunrise, there remains no trace of our passage. We choose locations according to the season: sunny in the morning in winter, shaded in summer.

We enjoy the natural caves of the rock given by the nature to install our camp for the night. By this way we enjoy the warm of the rock, filled with sun during the day, and also the wonderful sky full of stars. The embers left by the bonfire lit for the preparation of the meal provide a soft heat that allows to sleep without a tent for most of the year. Our blankets are very warm but we can also provide you individual tent if you wish so.

When our families are not too far away in the desert, we like to introduce them to our visitors. Sharing an evening and a meal with them is always an authentic moment, full of shares.

In the heart of winter, when the nights can be cold and windy, we install a real Bedouin tent in a sheltered place, thanks to the wood fire the temperature is very pleasant.

Our equipment, carried on our jeep roofs, consists in thick and comfortable mattresses, covers and blankets, and individual tents for winter.

We recommend that sensitive persons bring a personal sheet or sleeping bag even light.