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Scrambling is a kind of hiking but with vertiginous part during which you will have to use your feet… and your hands! Wadi Rum offers a vast choice of ways going up or through its sandstone mountains, some easily accessible to almost everyone, some more difficult.

They can be inserted in any program and we will just ask for a small supplement to the tariff.


You can find below our scrambling offers, with description and prices.


Duration: 2 to 2:30 hours
Level: medium (several vertiginous parts)

Crossing the Jebel Um Ushrin, this narrow path starts from Rum village, to reach the other side behind a high sand dune, quite close to the (famous) red sand dunes.
The way, all on the rock, presents some quite impressive heights!
Can be done on starting a trip, from Rum to desert, or going back to village.



40 jd to divide among the participants if you are several.

Duration: 3 to 5 hours
Level: easy


This group of summits are located in the south eastern part of Wadi Rum, on the eastern side of wadi Nughra.Many ways leading up, to a wide flat space, and from there to several rocky mountain tops, offering amazing views, on most of Wadi Rum desert, and Saudi Arabia first mountain range!



No supplement, can be added to any normal program


BURDAH ARCH is the only one where equipment (ropes) are needed.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Level: medium (several vertiginous parts)


The Jebel Burdah, South East of the touristic area, is a 3,5 km long mountain, with a peculiar sign : a wide arch (around 30 meter high by 20 meter width).
Its ascension requires a bit of climbing skills with many parts of level 3, and quite vertiginous.
Hikers sensitive to heights and suffering from vertigo will probably return back after the first 15 mn…So it’s better to choose another scrambling way.
Those who have the capacity to reach the arch will be rewarded by a great view on Wadi Rum desert (the Barra pyramids are spectacular), and the thrill of walking on the thin arch itself, 2 to 3 meter wide only on its flat surface 


40 jd to divide among the participants if you are several.


Duration: 4 to 6 hours
Level: easy to medium (different ways possible)


Highest summit of Jordan (culminates around 1865 m), this mountain is just out of the Wadi Rum boundary, after its southern east extremity, accessible by jeep following up Wadi Sabet to the East.
A quite long ride, to reach the base of the Jebel, before starting hike up.
2 to 2:30 to reach the top, from which you can see all around, a 360 degree panorama: all deserts around, Saudi mountains, and if clear weather, the Red Sea can be in sight! 


50 jd to divide among the participants if you are several.


If you are interested about a real climbing trip (with equipment), please contact us.


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